Friday, November 12, 2010

I Really Don't Have Anything To Say...

Some would say that I shouldn't say anything at all then, but who are we kidding.... I'll blab about nothing.

Hubs and I have become those ppl u hate- we don't go anywhere so we can stay home with our "child" and when we do see people or go out all we (I) talk about is the baby. Our house is a total mess most days because we're so focused on the baby that we just don't have time or energy to clean- we're always tired and go to bed early... and the toys are littered on our living room floor. I worry about him nonstop and miss him when I'm at work.

Might I remind you- our baby is a kitten. But a damn cute one- and he's super dependent on us- never stays in a room we're not in, whines when we shut him out of the bedroom, he sleeps in our bed and eats when we eat.

We're sick, I know. We're going up north for a wedding next weekend and I'm dreading it! We 'hired' one of my girlfriends to come and stay at our house while we're gone to babysit Achilles- I can't just have someone stop by once a day for an hour to pet him and feed him and move along- the poor baby will be distraught! Or at least I'll be if I think about him alone all day for 2 days. He's just a baby! Barely 3 months old. We'd bring him with us but when it costs more to fly him under the seat in front of us on SWA than it does for us to fly in an actual seat, we just can't afford it both ways :( So Achilles is getting a babysitter for that weekend and I'm gonna hate every second away from him. 

I also dread him peeing on our bed or something as soon as we get back to make sure we know he hated us being gone. ugh.