Friday, October 4, 2013

A Cookie By Any Other Name?

**Belated post from May of 2012 (I know, what??! but it was too funny not to post)**

I'm going to impart some wisdom on you.... In the past few months I've gained a lot of experience in the realm of Oreo eating, and here is what I have come to discover: regular Oreos don't even compare to Double Stuf Oreos. Everything about them is worse! The cookie tastes funny, the cream isn't as yummy... so if you're in the store and debating over which type of Oreo to buy, I hope that my experience and sage wisdom has helped aid you in your decision.

Furthermore, I have also taken the time to try an alternative... Trader Joe's Joe Joe's... The Good: Less crap sitting in your intestines for years, no lard, and the creamy middle part is actually tastier than the Oreo. The Bad: The cookie part is just not the same- not as crunchy- a little too soft, and not quite as cacao-y tasting as Oreo.

Lastly, I have had the privilege of learning a recipe for HOMEMADE OREOS!!!! I've made them a few times and they NEVER disappoint! Here's the recipe:

For the Cookies:
2 boxes of devil's food cake mix, 4 eggs, 2/3 cup oil
-Mix it all up, roll into balls, place them on a cookie sheet and flatten them. Cook 7-9 minutes

For the Filling:
1 block cream cheese, 1 box powdered sugar, 1Tbsp vanilla extract
-Mix it up

Then assemble the cookies (after the cookies you just baked have cooled) and enjoy!! But beware- they're insanely addicting. Hide them in little baggies in your freezer so you don't go nuts chowing on them day and night.