Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye Flaky, Helloooo Supple!

Last week I found myself in a crisis because suddenly I couldn't find my Burts Beeswax Chapstick!! That stuff is as much of a ghost appendage as my phone is. And it just vanished. For 2 days I was in lip hell... of course I have backups at home but I didn't think to toss them in my purse on my way out the door- I mean, Burt is always with me so I simply forgot he'd left me high and dry. 

Finally when I had a spare moment I dashed to a nearby beauty shop to restock. Imagine my horror and panic when I discovered they didn't carry Burts Bees! I wasn't about to settle for some cheapy Chapstick brand... but I was desperate (however not quite desperate enough to shell out $15 for the brand the sales consultant recommended) so I grabbed a brand she mentioned as being good and thought to myself on the way out, "I'll just toss this in the unused beauty bin at home when I pick up Burts somewhere else tomorrow."

But here is my shocking discovery: I found something better- yes, better than Burts Bees.... Hempz!

It's so smooth and absolutely the best lip moisture product I've tried! It left my lips mousturized and soft all evening, all night, and they were still soft the next morning when I woke up... just from the first application! I didn't go rushing back to it every hour after most chapsticks wear off and your lips are parched again- no! It stays on so long and feels so good. 

So run out and get some for your flaky ass lips today! Feel the difference! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makin' Changes

I've started another blog... don't worry, this one isn't going anywhere, I'm just doing a 30 day blog about the new workout and meal plan I'm on.

Check it out! But it's ok if you don't... the less people who follow it, the less people know if I give up after a week and spend another week bingeing on bon bons and pizza. Which I'm quite tempted to do.

In other news, I've started looking for full time employment- what with my home graphics business slowing immensely and the part time position I'm in now not giving me the challenge and hours I want... it's time. Jordan and I are moving out of our apartment this fall and we'd like to move up to either a bigger place, or a nicer place or both in a new city! And when you live in Orange County, a new city is only 10 minutes away. But of course to do that and to save up to own a home in the coming years we need to have a higher income, and now it's just the right time. So cross your toes and fingers and say a prayer for me that I get something- preferably a job I want to do for interest and career's sake.

I'm ready for change! And I hope it greets me fondly.