Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Finally Cool!!

Attention readers and adoring fans... All 4 of you... I am now all the things I wanted to be via owning- that's right- AN iPAD!!! I'm now the proud lover of yet another piece of fairly unnecessary technology and it makes me feel invincible! You may grovel if you like. Bt really I love my husband so so much and my inlaws for pitching in to buy me this beauty. Jordan worked so hard all week trying to find me a white iPad 2 for my 24th birthday yesterday and he did the impossible! Not only did he find it but he didn't have to wait in a fat line for it :) So major brownie points to my dear husband.

Now, speaking of my birthday... I am now an old hag. Officially in my mid-twenties and feeling grosser than ever about my age, I chose to spend my birthday night eating cereal at home and seeing a movie with Jordan. Although in my defense we haven't had a night in since before we left for Las Vegas last weekend.. We deserved a break! But back to the festivities.... Tonight we shall dine with Hollywood at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills. If you haven't been there, go! Tomorrow night we'll act young again at a dinner with friends in Corona Del Mar at The Crow Bar & Kitchen and then we will finally be done with the mad birthday marathon of events.

Look out world, theres a new old lady on the streets!!