Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Guide!!!!!!!

'Tis the season to give to the ones you love... now, I know there are a million "gift guide"s out there but believe me- THIS is the only one you need pay attention to.

Here is a well researched list of the BEST gifts this year has to offer for everyone on your list!

Happy Shopping!!

For your fashionista gal pals:

Pajama Jeans are the best combination of function meets fashion- any woman would LOVE to be seen in these fashion-world-shattering gems!

For Your Tech-Savvy Friend:

iCarta is perfect for anyone who's even been spending quality time with the porcelain throne and thought, "Gee, I wish I had some tunes to enhance my toilet experience."

For Your Workaholic Father:

Anychair makes working around the clock an appetizing reality- you never have to go home for bed again!

For The Golf-Enthusiast:

Uroclub- it's a golf club that doubles as a urinal- need I say more?! Includes a privacy towel so you can pee on the green and no one will any the wiser!

For Your Pregnant Sister:

Fetus Cookie Cutter is clever and cute- perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, christmas parties and more!!

For Your Mommy-Friends in The Mid-West:

Peekaru makes keeping warm while walking while keeping track of your baby and keeping your baby warm easier than you ever thought it could be- comes in this fashionable fleece! Mommy & me was never so cute!

For Your New Yorker/European Friends:

Smoking Mittens- finally!! A solution for those who hate gloves but still need to keep their hands warm while they smoke! Lung cancer never looked so chic.

For Your Teenage Brother:

The Snuggie now makes it possible for your brother to keep warm under a cozy blankie while he plays his video games! All his friends will be so jealous.

I hope you enjoyed my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!!!! Merry Christmas, dear ones!