Thursday, October 28, 2010

You're All Sinners; There Is No Hope

You know those days when you feel like you're the only good driver in the world? That's like every day for me- I get so mad!!!! Maybe a tid bit of road rage- but not like crazy- i'm just not afraid to use my horn and I def yell at people- they may not hear me, but it makes me feel better just to put it out there for the universe to know that that persons an idiot and I'm annoyed.

Today as I was driving home on PCH someone cut me off to get around the slow car in front of them- so I honked, she then obviously gets frazzled cuz she clearly didn't check her blind spot before nearly hitting me and cant get her blinker in the off position- just keeps switching it from side to side, so I do what I do best: shake my head at her condescendingly to let her know I think she's a moron. THEN she has the audacity after cutting me off to not only flip me off but ride RIGHT ALONG SIDE the slow car she was trying to get around so that I couldn't move past her. Uhm, who did the cutting off here? She does this the ENTIRE way down PCH until I finally get to my turn off. Ridiculous. I fought the urge not to show her my feelings via "sign language" (noble aren't I?) as I moved past her to the turn lane. 


But you know what still has me steaming?? That I didn't get any sort of satisfying "HAH!!!" moment- before turning off. She won!! If only I coulda zoomed around and in front of her- we all know that's the universal, "You're an idiot and I hate you" signal. Or even better if she had gotten pulled over for going 20 mph under the speed limit. Or if she crashed her ugly station wagon. Maybe not that last one--- but kinda.

I just hope Karma is real and she gets a big fat heaping helping of it for her idiocy, rudeness, and poor driving skills.

Ugg. Every other driver out there sucks. I hate them all. But especially her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

His Name's Achilles and He'll Steal Your Heart...

Get excited, Hubs and I did it- we bought a kitten. I know, I know... everyone thinks we're crazy for paying for a cat- but I have always wanted a Persian kitten and now my dream has come true. The Hubs FINALLY caved and bought me a kitten!!!!!

Meet Achilles:

He's a Teacup Dollface Blue Persian. And we got him at an amazing price... most persians you see for sale are at LEAST $500- and that's the bottom of the price range- most I saw were $800- $1200. We got Achiles for $250!!!!! Stoked. Anyway, we had to drive out to Yucca Valley- and I can say it's called "yucca" for a reason- it's nasty. We should receive a humanitarian award or something for saving him from that place. His breeder must breed a TON of cats because she had said something about have 6 litters arrive all at once. That is A LOT of cats. She was definitely a cat lady, but considering- pretty normal and nice. Now I went with my parents because the hubs couldn't leave work after our marathon weekend taking 2 works days to travel to Bend, OR for a wedding. So I brought my parents b/c going alone to a strangers house is never a good idea.  We arrived and I KNEW Achilles was the one for me. My parents tried to sway me to his more rambunctious brother when they saw how Achilles didn't play with any toys at all and just sat there, but somehow I knew he would liven up once he was in his own space. 

So we paid, got his papers, and drove him home- he did great on the drive- I think he actually liked the car. We made a little pit stop at my parent's place to pick up some wine for dinner (Larkmead Firebelle of course) and while we were there they really wanted to see what Bubba (their Golden Retriever) would do when he met Achilles- knowing this was not going to go well I let Bubba only see him through the carrier rather than taking him out and risking major scratches and clawing to get away... at first they were fine and then Bubba moved and Achilles took in the whole size of him and freaked.... slammed into the back corner of the carrier and hissed... took him a while to calm down.

We finally got back to my place and Achilles was able to take it all in and explore... within 5 minutes he was running, exploring, jumping, and playing. (Told you he's liven when he was on his own) And then we had to go to dinner and I had to leave him- I nearly cried- his little kitty cries broke my heart!! But I knew I had to do it because he'd be alone for about 4 hours every day m-f while I'm at work. Dinner was delicious and I was able to enjoy it for the most part when I didn't think about Achilles all alone at home. (btw I highly recommend Michaels on Naples in Long Beach, CA) We got home and I bolted back into our apartment to find him laying in his little bed silent as can be. Phewf! He slept with us last night as he will for a while and we woke up about every hour going, "where is he?!" terrified we'd rollover him in our sleep cuz he's so tiny... but he was always around just fine as can be.... waking us up once in a while by walking on us or pouncing at our legs because he thought it was playtime- but all in all I think he did pretty well.

Today I left him in bed with the hubs and when he left for work apparently Achilles didn't cry at all- what a good boy!! I got home after running (what felt like painfully long) errands and there he was just laying in his bed sleeping. So we've just been playing and napping and having a good time :) He's an amazing cat and I love him endlessly. He's asleep next to me on this couch pillow right now- adorable- he looks so cute when he sleeps! I think even people who don't like cats would like him. He's a ball.