Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lately, I just can't get my mind off of a couple things....

First, I've decided I really, really want a record player

like this one from Urban Outfitters

I can just see it sitting on a side table by some flowers and pretty books playing beautiful music while I read a book or cook something spectacular in the kitchen...

Also on my mind: Uggs. I've always been that person who hates them and says, "they're called 'ugg' for a reason." And then I saw these...

And these... 

And the onslaught of nonstop rain here in Orange County has only made it worse... I can think of nothing better than Uggs to keep my feetsies warm and toastie out there.

I cant wait for Christmas to get here- not only b/c I'm getting some really fun stuff (which of course I'll post) but also I'm sure I'll get a few things I can return and then buy at least one of the above!

Monday, December 20, 2010


ok so a couple things... Christmas is coming and I'm proud to say I'm done shopping and have been done for a while... ok, like a week... but I did almost all of it online- amazing.

speaking of Christmas...

Achilles hates me. But I couldn't stop myself. It was just too hilarious.

ALSO... I have a new obsession: www.pinterest.com

My Things of Beauty Board

You make boards- themed or not and then you "pin" pictures of things you like or think are funny and label them and people can repin them, like them, comment on them... but pretty much it's like a digital collage of pictures depicting your likes. It's amazing and beautiful and completely addicting.

My For the Home Board

Basically, you'll love it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Really Don't Have Anything To Say...

Some would say that I shouldn't say anything at all then, but who are we kidding.... I'll blab about nothing.

Hubs and I have become those ppl u hate- we don't go anywhere so we can stay home with our "child" and when we do see people or go out all we (I) talk about is the baby. Our house is a total mess most days because we're so focused on the baby that we just don't have time or energy to clean- we're always tired and go to bed early... and the toys are littered on our living room floor. I worry about him nonstop and miss him when I'm at work.

Might I remind you- our baby is a kitten. But a damn cute one- and he's super dependent on us- never stays in a room we're not in, whines when we shut him out of the bedroom, he sleeps in our bed and eats when we eat.

We're sick, I know. We're going up north for a wedding next weekend and I'm dreading it! We 'hired' one of my girlfriends to come and stay at our house while we're gone to babysit Achilles- I can't just have someone stop by once a day for an hour to pet him and feed him and move along- the poor baby will be distraught! Or at least I'll be if I think about him alone all day for 2 days. He's just a baby! Barely 3 months old. We'd bring him with us but when it costs more to fly him under the seat in front of us on SWA than it does for us to fly in an actual seat, we just can't afford it both ways :( So Achilles is getting a babysitter for that weekend and I'm gonna hate every second away from him. 

I also dread him peeing on our bed or something as soon as we get back to make sure we know he hated us being gone. ugh. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You're All Sinners; There Is No Hope

You know those days when you feel like you're the only good driver in the world? That's like every day for me- I get so mad!!!! Maybe a tid bit of road rage- but not like crazy- i'm just not afraid to use my horn and I def yell at people- they may not hear me, but it makes me feel better just to put it out there for the universe to know that that persons an idiot and I'm annoyed.

Today as I was driving home on PCH someone cut me off to get around the slow car in front of them- so I honked, she then obviously gets frazzled cuz she clearly didn't check her blind spot before nearly hitting me and cant get her blinker in the off position- just keeps switching it from side to side, so I do what I do best: shake my head at her condescendingly to let her know I think she's a moron. THEN she has the audacity after cutting me off to not only flip me off but ride RIGHT ALONG SIDE the slow car she was trying to get around so that I couldn't move past her. Uhm, who did the cutting off here? She does this the ENTIRE way down PCH until I finally get to my turn off. Ridiculous. I fought the urge not to show her my feelings via "sign language" (noble aren't I?) as I moved past her to the turn lane. 


But you know what still has me steaming?? That I didn't get any sort of satisfying "HAH!!!" moment- before turning off. She won!! If only I coulda zoomed around and in front of her- we all know that's the universal, "You're an idiot and I hate you" signal. Or even better if she had gotten pulled over for going 20 mph under the speed limit. Or if she crashed her ugly station wagon. Maybe not that last one--- but kinda.

I just hope Karma is real and she gets a big fat heaping helping of it for her idiocy, rudeness, and poor driving skills.

Ugg. Every other driver out there sucks. I hate them all. But especially her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

His Name's Achilles and He'll Steal Your Heart...

Get excited, Hubs and I did it- we bought a kitten. I know, I know... everyone thinks we're crazy for paying for a cat- but I have always wanted a Persian kitten and now my dream has come true. The Hubs FINALLY caved and bought me a kitten!!!!!

Meet Achilles:

He's a Teacup Dollface Blue Persian. And we got him at an amazing price... most persians you see for sale are at LEAST $500- and that's the bottom of the price range- most I saw were $800- $1200. We got Achiles for $250!!!!! Stoked. Anyway, we had to drive out to Yucca Valley- and I can say it's called "yucca" for a reason- it's nasty. We should receive a humanitarian award or something for saving him from that place. His breeder must breed a TON of cats because she had said something about have 6 litters arrive all at once. That is A LOT of cats. She was definitely a cat lady, but considering- pretty normal and nice. Now I went with my parents because the hubs couldn't leave work after our marathon weekend taking 2 works days to travel to Bend, OR for a wedding. So I brought my parents b/c going alone to a strangers house is never a good idea.  We arrived and I KNEW Achilles was the one for me. My parents tried to sway me to his more rambunctious brother when they saw how Achilles didn't play with any toys at all and just sat there, but somehow I knew he would liven up once he was in his own space. 

So we paid, got his papers, and drove him home- he did great on the drive- I think he actually liked the car. We made a little pit stop at my parent's place to pick up some wine for dinner (Larkmead Firebelle of course) and while we were there they really wanted to see what Bubba (their Golden Retriever) would do when he met Achilles- knowing this was not going to go well I let Bubba only see him through the carrier rather than taking him out and risking major scratches and clawing to get away... at first they were fine and then Bubba moved and Achilles took in the whole size of him and freaked.... slammed into the back corner of the carrier and hissed... took him a while to calm down.

We finally got back to my place and Achilles was able to take it all in and explore... within 5 minutes he was running, exploring, jumping, and playing. (Told you he's liven when he was on his own) And then we had to go to dinner and I had to leave him- I nearly cried- his little kitty cries broke my heart!! But I knew I had to do it because he'd be alone for about 4 hours every day m-f while I'm at work. Dinner was delicious and I was able to enjoy it for the most part when I didn't think about Achilles all alone at home. (btw I highly recommend Michaels on Naples in Long Beach, CA) We got home and I bolted back into our apartment to find him laying in his little bed silent as can be. Phewf! He slept with us last night as he will for a while and we woke up about every hour going, "where is he?!" terrified we'd rollover him in our sleep cuz he's so tiny... but he was always around just fine as can be.... waking us up once in a while by walking on us or pouncing at our legs because he thought it was playtime- but all in all I think he did pretty well.

Today I left him in bed with the hubs and when he left for work apparently Achilles didn't cry at all- what a good boy!! I got home after running (what felt like painfully long) errands and there he was just laying in his bed sleeping. So we've just been playing and napping and having a good time :) He's an amazing cat and I love him endlessly. He's asleep next to me on this couch pillow right now- adorable- he looks so cute when he sleeps! I think even people who don't like cats would like him. He's a ball.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My 13 Year Old Beef

I realize 13 years is a long time to be mad about something…. But we all know how it is- we look back on a situation and think,  “if only I spoke up, if only I said this or did that.” Hindsight is 20/20. I saw a bit on The View about a new documentary called Waiting for Superman and it made me think of this….

When I was in 4th grade I was placed in a math class that was for the kids who were right on track with where they should be at that age. After our first homework assignment I was moved into the ‘dumb class’ as I thought of it. It was my first time doing homework out of a text book- I didn’t know how to organize my answers on a blank piece of binder paper because before this I had only done math homework on worksheets. So of course it was a mess- I drew lines around the different sections… anyway, my teacher used my homework as an example of what not to do and showed it to the entire class. Of course she covered my name so no one would know it was me- how sweet… ug. I was humiliated! Yeah, no one knew it was mine- but still- what a terrible teacher. The right thing to do would have been show me how to do it properly and give me time to get it right- just because it was disorganized doesn’t mean I couldn’t handle to material. So the next day I was moved into the ‘less advanced’ math class. I knew immediately I was too smart for it- it drove me nuts when the other students would say “you minus this number” or “you plus this number”…. I wanted to shout “SUBTRACT and ADD not minus and plus you idiots!!” I always had an easy time with the homework, and was continually embarrassed about people thinking I wasn’t smart because I was in the lower math class.

So to that teacher- whatever her name was: Thanks a lot for doing a shitty job and being lazy with me. I appreciate all your support and belief in me. Bitch.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Belated Update

Where have I been?? I know. I totally lied and didn't post last weekend. I do that.

Well I went to the East Coast to celebrate my one year anniversary with my husband. It was fun and interesting aaaaaaand totally exhausting! One of those trips where you do sightseeing all day and very little relaxing. So now my love has promised that our next vacation will be a relaxing one like Hawaii or Figi- ok probably neither of those since we're poor newlyweds... but you get my drift.

So now that I'm back at home and going to work and living in the real world- and you know what? I love it.

Well, ok... I'm not crazy about waking up early for work- yes my hours changed and now I work from 8:30am- 12:15pm, but at least the hubs and I can resume having lunches together!

Since I got back I've been working a few full days helping our head of security clean and organize his office- it's huge and messy and full of files that I haven't the slightest clue as to what they are and therefore have much difficulty filing them properly, so needless to say it's a long process. But I'm not gonna complain because Hubs and I are appreciating the extra income. But ok I'm gonna complain a little.... after the first few days of helping him I realized I strained my back schlepping boxes full of files- I spent the whole weekend in pain. I might have cried- something about being a receptionist and not agreeing to manual labor.... it was not my greatest moment. But probably oscar worthy.

Now lets get excited: Friday is company bowling day at Strikes- the chicest bowling ally I've ever seen! Apparently everyone get schwasted and it's hilarious, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ugh, Dramzzz

Sorry, I know... I haven't posted anything in eons and I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit to see what I have to say next about absolutely nothing. But fret not! I promise to post this weekend............

unless I get distracted and forget.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why My Life Would Be Significantly Better With An iPad

You may say that an iPad is a frivolous, unnecessary piece of over-sized iPhone technology, but you know that on this inside you are thinking, "but I wish I had one!"

Here is how it can make my life ultimately better...

1. More easily portable than my MacBook.
2. Handy and easier to read than my iPhone.
3. Designers like Oscar De La Renta, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have fantastic and gorgeously adorable cases to port it in.

4. Cool factor: People will think I'm chicer and cooler than I really am.
5. I'll feel sexier carrying and using it.
6. I can get books on it and further minimize my carry-ons making traveling easier and going through the security line- making it quicker for everyone behind me and speeding up the entire process all together.
7. In lowering the weight of my carry-on and the weight of just carrying my computer around it will reduce stress in my shoulders/ back leading to less massages and chiropractic appointments. Thus effectively making me healthier.
8. It's cool and fun- making my time in airports, waiting rooms, and work less boring/ more productive.
9. I'll feel like a robot- always having technology at my fingertips b/c it will ALWAYS be with me.
10. I'll be able to more easily manage my online social life... aka facebook all day long, thus becoming the most obnoxious popular person online.
11. I'll make friends everywhere I go because they'll be jealous curious about my sweet-awesome iPad.
12. I'll be able to keep up on this bitchin blog for all of your enjoyment- hopefully gain more followers and then get rich from having it turned into a movie.
13. My iPhone won't die as quickly from me draining it all day online- so I can call more people- keep up with my friends and family- making me a better friend and daughter/sister.

There are so man ways the iPad can improve my life- but I think you get the point so I'll just stop there.

NOW.... to get the funding to improve my life!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Be Smart and You Won't Get Screwed

... hopefully. Well, the hubs and I are on the prowl for a new place to live. We like our cozy one bedroom apartment but we're not so fond of the noisy apartment life. There's the screamer next door who yells profanities into his phone and through our bedroom wall all day, then late at night the moaner makes her appearance- I've never heard someone have such loud and loooong sex in my life- it's kinda weird, and definitely uncomfortable. And when the people on our other side got into a loud fight we heard every word of it- and so did our shelves when they slammed the door. When we take a nap mid-day there is always some group of people or children or cars making so much noise that we're woken up and then they continue to make noise right outside our apartment so it's nearly impossible to get back to sleep. I am a grummmpy person when I'm woken up from a nap- you don't wanna be the one to do it or you'll get your face eaten. Just a warning...

SO all that to say we'd love to find a townhome or condo or single family home for about the same price we're paying now- which isn't easy. But there are deals to be found and we thought we might have found one last week. Craigslist was where I found the amazing house my sister and I rented my senior year of college, so after little luck on the rental sites I returned to it. Saw a townhome that looked nice on the outside and asked the lister for more info and pics of the inside. He then sent a suspiciously long email 1/2 of which was about renting his place- the other half was some random info about the USAid he apparently worked for with his wife overseas. A few red flags went up but the place and price were ideal so I thought I'd continue to look into it. I spent the whole next day at work using all my connections to find out if this guy was the actual owner or just a scammer. After 5 hours of researching I found the house listed with a realtor so after work I called the company and asked them about. As I suspected the house is actually bank-owned and NOT for rent.

What did we learn? DO YOUR RESEARCH! Especially in this economy people are desperate and out for themselves, be careful who you buy from or rent from make sure they're the true owners and the property isn't under foreclosure, etc.

The next day the guy emailed me offering me the house and all this BS about how he trusts me to take care of it and suddenly his grammar/ spelling/ english was getting really bad. No real owner would EVER turn over their home to some random person who just emailed them some basic info about themselves- and I hadn't even seen the place or anything.... of course at this point I knew he was a scammer but I was then aware of how bad of a scammer he is. He said that he would send me the payment info so I could send the money and after verifying the payment he'd have his mother in law come give me the keys. What an idiot- yeah I'm gonna pay you with a money transfer MORE than you originally said without ever seeing the inside and just take it on good faith that your "mother in law" is gonna deliver the keys. Idiot. So I know I shouldn't have done this, but I emailed him back saying we're no longer interested and certainly not interested in being scammed because we know the home is bank owned. And that I reported him to the police, craigslist and the agent selling the home and wished him good luck dodging all that.  I did call the police but they weren't gonna do anything cuz it's so common but I figured I scare him anyway- scumbag deserves it. Be smart, dolls!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tried and eh... Tried and True.

So I finally did make those red velvet butter cookies. I guess I was expecting something a bit sweeter- and they were a little lack-lustre. And made my hands and kitchen a huge mess. and the powdered sugar you roll them in before putting them in the oven .. got all melty and nasty looking so they did not come out looking as nice as they're supposed to. So forget that ish. 

But on a better note, I went to Napa last weekend (love) and got to visit my favorite winery, Larkmead. It's a gorgeous winery with absolutely delightful people! If you've never tried their wine it is an absolute MUST. Their Cabernet and Firebelle are fantastic- I haven't met a Larkmead wine that I haven't liked but those two are their most popular and for good reason.

So get out there, make better cookies than I did, but drink the wine I like because I have good taste :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And So It Begins

I started my job yesterday. They told me it's gonna be pretty uneventful, but I don't think I realized they were serious... It is a VERY quiet job!! But oh so wonderful! So far it has been great- fairly easy to learn- the phones are complicated, and knowing what to do in each situation that arises is challenging because there isn't a lot of practice due to the low flow of phone calls and visitors, but apparently I'm ahead of the curve. So I'm pretty excited about that. As simple as the job is I still want to do my best and impress them- it may only be a part time receptionist position but you never know where it could go!

Anyway, the people are nice, the office is nice and I get the the reception area all to myself- with the exception of people constantly walking in and out haha... but we've got TVs, so it gives me something to watch and listen to. I was pleasantly surprised that I'm allowed to pretty much do whatever when I'm not on the phone or assisting visitors- which is 95% of my time- within reason- we don't want to be unprofessional or well, stupid... so I get plenty of time to keep on top of my oh-so-important social networking and emails, or catch up on my reading - I can even change the channel on the TV from news to something more interesting- although I doubt they'd approve of mtv, or nickelodeon or anything like that, but maybe some HGTV?? Who knows... it's only been 2 days, I've got plenty more time to figure it all out! Even the big VP told me I could change the channel if I wanted- although I think I'm gonna be nervous about doing that for a while, so I'll just catch up on world news for a month or two.

Its not all uneventful tho- I get some pretty entertaining phone calls and solicitors sometimes- gives me something to tell the hubs about when I get home :) For example, today some woman called looking for an adult high school and I told her that's not us, and she asked if I had the number for this adult high school- uhm, no... so she asks if we get calls for the adult high school a lot- no, we don't. Then she asks if I have any other number to reach the adult high school at... I'm beginning to understand why she needs this number so bad- I, as politely as I can at this point, say that we are not affiliated in any way with an adult high school and I have never heard of it. So she says, 'alright then I guess there's something wrong with my google.'.... no ma'am something is wrong with your comprehension level.

Welp that's all I've got for now, loving the new job... and now it's time to do something I absolutely do NOT love: working out- and even worse... its the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. ouch.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Time Has Come....

I know I promised to blog about my "sad, sad unemployment," but the time has finally come.... and I've gotten a job. But since it's only a part time receptionist job I suppose I can just blog about my adventures there and how sad it is that after spending 4 years at a university and getting a bachelors degree, I have to wait almost a year to get a part time job as a receptionist. Not that part time isn't ideal- I would prefer it so I can still focus on my own company while having a steady income from something else. But lest be honest- when interviewing for this position they told me without telling me that it's boring. hahahahaha. So it should be interesting- or not. I'll keep ya posted. but here's some more good news: I work from noon- 4pm! Hooray! I get to sleep in EVERY DAY! I couldn't be happier about that set up. I get to sleep in and still get home before the hubs!  And I've got 2 vacations planned next month- one I'd only miss 2 days, but the next I'll miss 7 days of work. I was terrified that they were gonna make me cancel my long trip- but thankfully they are fine with me being gone :) Whewf! East Coast here I come!!

Ok that's it for now, boos. peace!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


     I used to sew a lot... My mom taught me the basics, and then I learned more in home economics when I was in junior high. One of the best things I learned was how to embroider... so taking this knowledge and putting it to use I started making baby blankets for family and friends when they had babies. 
      Now I haven't made one in years- but a good friend and former boss is about to have a baby, so I thought I'd give it a go again. So I went to Joanne's and bought a ton of stuff- but still less than I was about to buy- I reigned myself in as I often fail to do at craft stores- I get so excited about what I can do that I buy soooo much! But this time I only bought the materials for this project and a few necessities to get me going. ANYWAY... It's been so long since I've sewed anything that I forgot about dealing with the complications that come along with it- stretchy fabrics, puckering... yada yada... I'm no seamstress- it came out with some issues, but I figured I can just say something like, "all the flaws are proof of too much love" or something like that... Home-made stuff is supposed to have imperfections, right???? Whatever. It's super cute, and although not perfect It still turned out really well and I'm sure they'll love it and so will baby Cayla Lynn LeBrecht :).

Monday, July 12, 2010

CrAzY Dreams...

I am known for having really weird dreams pretty much every night. I generally am very good at interpreting them, where they came from, and what they mean. But sometimes my subconscious just finds the WILDEST ways of telling me I'm stressed, or just throws crazy stuff into the mix that makes no sense. 

For example- last night I had 2 dreams that I can remember... the first I was on some leadership retreat of some sort with my university, and at some point me and my friends passed into this prehistoric world and we turned into dinosaurs- at first we were all playing the part of what came naturally to which dino we were, but then realized we weren't always dinosaurs and we can be friends- and even the T-rex could hang with us and the sheep and not eat us. So we end up just chillin, having fun and chatting, but then some humans arrive in a caravan and we know we can't let them see us all chummy like that- so we're all yelling, "Humans! Act natural!"and we all hop to our positions... kind of like in toy story when andy comes back into the room... and then at some point we come back into real life as humans, and I was telling my boss all about it and how funny it was to be all friendly and stuff and then when the humans come around we were having to act like actual dinosaurs... even the T-rex who was this really silly, sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly person in real life!............ Weird Dream.
The next dream made me so anxious and stressed- one of those dreams that comes up every now and then.. I've graduated college already, but I always have these dreams that I'm still in school! Last night I dreamt I had just gotten back from a leadership retreat and gotten my grades when I saw I was failing a science class- one that I didn't know where it was, had only been a few times, and was always late for and never did any work for. So I get there and the professor was being a total jerk knowing full and well I had no idea what was going on... and I ran out of the room crying back to my dorm to try and find my science book and homework and get caught up....... It took me a few minutes after I woke up to remember that I'm out of school forever.
And its crazy stuff like this that riddle my sleep every night! I don't really mind- but it's weird. If my dreams are this crazy as is- I cannot even imagine how they'll change when I'm pregnant...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gift from the Heavens

I have exciting news! We got a new tv- 42" plasma and a blueray player... but thats not the best part... 

Did you ever see the episode of "Friends" where Joey and Chandler suddenly find free porn channels on their tv? Well we don't get porn but I still feel the same way about it being too good to be true!

When I was setting up the clock and inputs it had a step for cable/antenna and I thought, "what the hay... let's see if we can get some basic channels with our cable cord and the wall thinger." So we plug- or well screw in the cable thing and suddenly it's scanning for channels and finding a TON! Not only do we get the usual abc, ktla, nbc, etc... but we get discovery, history, mtv, hgtv, espn, espn2, many many more..... and we dont pay any cable bill.... so maybe it comes included in the rent or maybe we're just being blessed by the tv gods... who knows?? But I'm sure not gonna ask any questions! Now we can catch all the finals for world cup, basketball, my fav cw shows, survivor, and of course hgtv- which I could watch all day everyday!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have a new love: 
Cucina Alessa in Newport Beach. 

Oh... this place is so delicious! It's authentic and fun and decently priced- and has the BEST Risotto Al Porcini I've ever had! I crave it every week, but can't necessarily get there each week to satisfy that craving. So last night I tried to have my risotto without the trip- I bought the Trader Joe's frozen risotto and made it last night. MISTAKE. As soon as I smelled it out of the microwave I knew I didn't want it. Tasted pretty darn nasty too. I should have known too- but I had high hopes. You know? Most of their frozen stuff is amazing! Like the orange chicken? DElish.

Oh well, I contacted the restaurant and got their recipe! I can't wait to try and make it- but it will have to wait until after the holiday weekend because I am going to Lake Tahoe! Whooo!

SO, if ever you find yourself in Newport and are looking for a place to have a nice, yummy meal check out Cucina Alessa.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

C is for Cookie

Praise the Lord, I've found a recipe for yet another thing I cannot just pick up at the grocery store when I'm craving it... the first was Girl Scout Thin Mints...

Delicious little devils (particularly frozen). I tried to make them once with this recipe and they turned out not so amazing... I also just realized I left out the cornstarch, hmmm... maybe that's why... BUT I have a new recipe from Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes and already bought the necessary fixin's to make them. I'll let you know how it goes. I have ONE real thin mint left over to compare them against.

Now the second, and if you haven't been to New York you may not understand why this is so exciting...
Black And White Cookies...

OHHH I die. There is no way to describe these babies but decadence and sin. I am planning on testing out the recipe I've found for them on Smitten Kitchen. I am hoping they turn out just like the real deal. If not, then well... I'll just have to get my fill when I'm in New York at summers end.

Friday, June 25, 2010

When Bozo Was A Toddler...

I've always had a beef with the pictures from my toddler years... I always have felt like I looked so strange- different from any other toddler I've seen...

Who thinks I looked like freakin' bozo the clown at the ages of 2 and 3?

My sister's all cute and my cousin looks like a normal 2-3 yr old.... then there's me.

Hahaha.... I do not even have words for this one... turtle outfit- scarecrows in the background- my mom made all my costumes- most were executed much better than this one, but wow. How did this happen?

Again, normal, cute sister... and me tufts of hair on the sides of my head and one tuft up top- who did my hair?!?!

Alright this one's pretty cute- even if I was the only toddler in the world who had to wear glasses- and here's the kicker: It was because I was cross-eyed! HAhahaha... yep def a strange little tike.

(interestingly I don't wear glasses now- and haven't since I was 2... and the cross-eyed thing got fixed in case u were wondering)

Recipes I HAVE to try

Okay, I thought had quite the collection of recipes found online, but wow oh wow has The Food Gawker got me beat! There are so many delicious recipes on there that I cannot WAIT to try! Like these Red Velvet Butter Cookies ...... I could die. In only 2 days I've saved at least 25 recipes from this one site! If only I had a ginormous kitchen with acres of cabinet space for every single appliance I could possibly need and all the counter space in the world to spread out and make everything under the sun. Speaking of, I want to try these 'no knead' dutch oven bread recipes but I need a good dutch oven like this Le Creuset one:

Isn't it beautiful?? I'd love it in green.... anywho... I'm constantly compiling recipes to try and putting them in a binder here at home- I don't have a lot of excuses to make most of the recipes I have saved, and certainly not the kitchen to do them justice- but if you find any amazing recipes please send me a link!

Now What?

I was on the right track... the road to success! I went to college, graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, got married to the man of my dreams a short 4 months after graduating, moved into our own apartment in Orange County, set up house, and began my search for a job. I started learning to cook- something that was quite daunting because I always imagined my husband being the cook- unfortunately Jordan can make 2 things: grilled cheese and spaghettios (although I only had one further to my culinary abilities- pancakes). I clean toilets, counters, I dust and vacuum and make the bed and do laundry- I am well on my way to being a truly domestic housewife- which I also never thought would happen, but here I am all domesticated and finding myself in love with the kitchen... although I've only mastered a few dishes- I'm sure with time I'll have nearly a cookbook full of spectacular dishes that everyone begs me to make! I'm doing all the things I never did (cooking and cleaning) and never thought I would be doing, but ironically I love it! 

However, graduation was a year ago. I've still not found a job- even the university who GAVE me my business degree won't hire me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why- I'm smart, professional, well dressed, adequately attractive, easy to talk to, and honestly very good with people. So what's the deal here? I'll tell you what the deal is. Experience. Everyone is out there looking for the same exact job as me, but what they've got is real working experience- while I was planning class events and working on the yearbook at my university all my competitors were in the workplace- getting all experienced and career-driven. pshhhhhh... I tell you what though, I'm gonna find something. It's gonna be something I love and love to go to every day. And they'll be glad they hired me as opposed to someone with experience that they're underpaying- because when the economy picks up, those people will peace out and go looking for something they're not overqualified and underpaid for- I'll still be there.

SO while I look for a job, I cook, shop, hang out with friends, do contract jobs as a graphic designer and video editor, and sing in the shower.