Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Time Has Come....

I know I promised to blog about my "sad, sad unemployment," but the time has finally come.... and I've gotten a job. But since it's only a part time receptionist job I suppose I can just blog about my adventures there and how sad it is that after spending 4 years at a university and getting a bachelors degree, I have to wait almost a year to get a part time job as a receptionist. Not that part time isn't ideal- I would prefer it so I can still focus on my own company while having a steady income from something else. But lest be honest- when interviewing for this position they told me without telling me that it's boring. hahahahaha. So it should be interesting- or not. I'll keep ya posted. but here's some more good news: I work from noon- 4pm! Hooray! I get to sleep in EVERY DAY! I couldn't be happier about that set up. I get to sleep in and still get home before the hubs!  And I've got 2 vacations planned next month- one I'd only miss 2 days, but the next I'll miss 7 days of work. I was terrified that they were gonna make me cancel my long trip- but thankfully they are fine with me being gone :) Whewf! East Coast here I come!!

Ok that's it for now, boos. peace!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


     I used to sew a lot... My mom taught me the basics, and then I learned more in home economics when I was in junior high. One of the best things I learned was how to embroider... so taking this knowledge and putting it to use I started making baby blankets for family and friends when they had babies. 
      Now I haven't made one in years- but a good friend and former boss is about to have a baby, so I thought I'd give it a go again. So I went to Joanne's and bought a ton of stuff- but still less than I was about to buy- I reigned myself in as I often fail to do at craft stores- I get so excited about what I can do that I buy soooo much! But this time I only bought the materials for this project and a few necessities to get me going. ANYWAY... It's been so long since I've sewed anything that I forgot about dealing with the complications that come along with it- stretchy fabrics, puckering... yada yada... I'm no seamstress- it came out with some issues, but I figured I can just say something like, "all the flaws are proof of too much love" or something like that... Home-made stuff is supposed to have imperfections, right???? Whatever. It's super cute, and although not perfect It still turned out really well and I'm sure they'll love it and so will baby Cayla Lynn LeBrecht :).

Monday, July 12, 2010

CrAzY Dreams...

I am known for having really weird dreams pretty much every night. I generally am very good at interpreting them, where they came from, and what they mean. But sometimes my subconscious just finds the WILDEST ways of telling me I'm stressed, or just throws crazy stuff into the mix that makes no sense. 

For example- last night I had 2 dreams that I can remember... the first I was on some leadership retreat of some sort with my university, and at some point me and my friends passed into this prehistoric world and we turned into dinosaurs- at first we were all playing the part of what came naturally to which dino we were, but then realized we weren't always dinosaurs and we can be friends- and even the T-rex could hang with us and the sheep and not eat us. So we end up just chillin, having fun and chatting, but then some humans arrive in a caravan and we know we can't let them see us all chummy like that- so we're all yelling, "Humans! Act natural!"and we all hop to our positions... kind of like in toy story when andy comes back into the room... and then at some point we come back into real life as humans, and I was telling my boss all about it and how funny it was to be all friendly and stuff and then when the humans come around we were having to act like actual dinosaurs... even the T-rex who was this really silly, sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly person in real life!............ Weird Dream.
The next dream made me so anxious and stressed- one of those dreams that comes up every now and then.. I've graduated college already, but I always have these dreams that I'm still in school! Last night I dreamt I had just gotten back from a leadership retreat and gotten my grades when I saw I was failing a science class- one that I didn't know where it was, had only been a few times, and was always late for and never did any work for. So I get there and the professor was being a total jerk knowing full and well I had no idea what was going on... and I ran out of the room crying back to my dorm to try and find my science book and homework and get caught up....... It took me a few minutes after I woke up to remember that I'm out of school forever.
And its crazy stuff like this that riddle my sleep every night! I don't really mind- but it's weird. If my dreams are this crazy as is- I cannot even imagine how they'll change when I'm pregnant...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gift from the Heavens

I have exciting news! We got a new tv- 42" plasma and a blueray player... but thats not the best part... 

Did you ever see the episode of "Friends" where Joey and Chandler suddenly find free porn channels on their tv? Well we don't get porn but I still feel the same way about it being too good to be true!

When I was setting up the clock and inputs it had a step for cable/antenna and I thought, "what the hay... let's see if we can get some basic channels with our cable cord and the wall thinger." So we plug- or well screw in the cable thing and suddenly it's scanning for channels and finding a TON! Not only do we get the usual abc, ktla, nbc, etc... but we get discovery, history, mtv, hgtv, espn, espn2, many many more..... and we dont pay any cable bill.... so maybe it comes included in the rent or maybe we're just being blessed by the tv gods... who knows?? But I'm sure not gonna ask any questions! Now we can catch all the finals for world cup, basketball, my fav cw shows, survivor, and of course hgtv- which I could watch all day everyday!