Monday, August 30, 2010

Why My Life Would Be Significantly Better With An iPad

You may say that an iPad is a frivolous, unnecessary piece of over-sized iPhone technology, but you know that on this inside you are thinking, "but I wish I had one!"

Here is how it can make my life ultimately better...

1. More easily portable than my MacBook.
2. Handy and easier to read than my iPhone.
3. Designers like Oscar De La Renta, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have fantastic and gorgeously adorable cases to port it in.

4. Cool factor: People will think I'm chicer and cooler than I really am.
5. I'll feel sexier carrying and using it.
6. I can get books on it and further minimize my carry-ons making traveling easier and going through the security line- making it quicker for everyone behind me and speeding up the entire process all together.
7. In lowering the weight of my carry-on and the weight of just carrying my computer around it will reduce stress in my shoulders/ back leading to less massages and chiropractic appointments. Thus effectively making me healthier.
8. It's cool and fun- making my time in airports, waiting rooms, and work less boring/ more productive.
9. I'll feel like a robot- always having technology at my fingertips b/c it will ALWAYS be with me.
10. I'll be able to more easily manage my online social life... aka facebook all day long, thus becoming the most obnoxious popular person online.
11. I'll make friends everywhere I go because they'll be jealous curious about my sweet-awesome iPad.
12. I'll be able to keep up on this bitchin blog for all of your enjoyment- hopefully gain more followers and then get rich from having it turned into a movie.
13. My iPhone won't die as quickly from me draining it all day online- so I can call more people- keep up with my friends and family- making me a better friend and daughter/sister.

There are so man ways the iPad can improve my life- but I think you get the point so I'll just stop there.

NOW.... to get the funding to improve my life!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Be Smart and You Won't Get Screwed

... hopefully. Well, the hubs and I are on the prowl for a new place to live. We like our cozy one bedroom apartment but we're not so fond of the noisy apartment life. There's the screamer next door who yells profanities into his phone and through our bedroom wall all day, then late at night the moaner makes her appearance- I've never heard someone have such loud and loooong sex in my life- it's kinda weird, and definitely uncomfortable. And when the people on our other side got into a loud fight we heard every word of it- and so did our shelves when they slammed the door. When we take a nap mid-day there is always some group of people or children or cars making so much noise that we're woken up and then they continue to make noise right outside our apartment so it's nearly impossible to get back to sleep. I am a grummmpy person when I'm woken up from a nap- you don't wanna be the one to do it or you'll get your face eaten. Just a warning...

SO all that to say we'd love to find a townhome or condo or single family home for about the same price we're paying now- which isn't easy. But there are deals to be found and we thought we might have found one last week. Craigslist was where I found the amazing house my sister and I rented my senior year of college, so after little luck on the rental sites I returned to it. Saw a townhome that looked nice on the outside and asked the lister for more info and pics of the inside. He then sent a suspiciously long email 1/2 of which was about renting his place- the other half was some random info about the USAid he apparently worked for with his wife overseas. A few red flags went up but the place and price were ideal so I thought I'd continue to look into it. I spent the whole next day at work using all my connections to find out if this guy was the actual owner or just a scammer. After 5 hours of researching I found the house listed with a realtor so after work I called the company and asked them about. As I suspected the house is actually bank-owned and NOT for rent.

What did we learn? DO YOUR RESEARCH! Especially in this economy people are desperate and out for themselves, be careful who you buy from or rent from make sure they're the true owners and the property isn't under foreclosure, etc.

The next day the guy emailed me offering me the house and all this BS about how he trusts me to take care of it and suddenly his grammar/ spelling/ english was getting really bad. No real owner would EVER turn over their home to some random person who just emailed them some basic info about themselves- and I hadn't even seen the place or anything.... of course at this point I knew he was a scammer but I was then aware of how bad of a scammer he is. He said that he would send me the payment info so I could send the money and after verifying the payment he'd have his mother in law come give me the keys. What an idiot- yeah I'm gonna pay you with a money transfer MORE than you originally said without ever seeing the inside and just take it on good faith that your "mother in law" is gonna deliver the keys. Idiot. So I know I shouldn't have done this, but I emailed him back saying we're no longer interested and certainly not interested in being scammed because we know the home is bank owned. And that I reported him to the police, craigslist and the agent selling the home and wished him good luck dodging all that.  I did call the police but they weren't gonna do anything cuz it's so common but I figured I scare him anyway- scumbag deserves it. Be smart, dolls!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tried and eh... Tried and True.

So I finally did make those red velvet butter cookies. I guess I was expecting something a bit sweeter- and they were a little lack-lustre. And made my hands and kitchen a huge mess. and the powdered sugar you roll them in before putting them in the oven .. got all melty and nasty looking so they did not come out looking as nice as they're supposed to. So forget that ish. 

But on a better note, I went to Napa last weekend (love) and got to visit my favorite winery, Larkmead. It's a gorgeous winery with absolutely delightful people! If you've never tried their wine it is an absolute MUST. Their Cabernet and Firebelle are fantastic- I haven't met a Larkmead wine that I haven't liked but those two are their most popular and for good reason.

So get out there, make better cookies than I did, but drink the wine I like because I have good taste :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And So It Begins

I started my job yesterday. They told me it's gonna be pretty uneventful, but I don't think I realized they were serious... It is a VERY quiet job!! But oh so wonderful! So far it has been great- fairly easy to learn- the phones are complicated, and knowing what to do in each situation that arises is challenging because there isn't a lot of practice due to the low flow of phone calls and visitors, but apparently I'm ahead of the curve. So I'm pretty excited about that. As simple as the job is I still want to do my best and impress them- it may only be a part time receptionist position but you never know where it could go!

Anyway, the people are nice, the office is nice and I get the the reception area all to myself- with the exception of people constantly walking in and out haha... but we've got TVs, so it gives me something to watch and listen to. I was pleasantly surprised that I'm allowed to pretty much do whatever when I'm not on the phone or assisting visitors- which is 95% of my time- within reason- we don't want to be unprofessional or well, stupid... so I get plenty of time to keep on top of my oh-so-important social networking and emails, or catch up on my reading - I can even change the channel on the TV from news to something more interesting- although I doubt they'd approve of mtv, or nickelodeon or anything like that, but maybe some HGTV?? Who knows... it's only been 2 days, I've got plenty more time to figure it all out! Even the big VP told me I could change the channel if I wanted- although I think I'm gonna be nervous about doing that for a while, so I'll just catch up on world news for a month or two.

Its not all uneventful tho- I get some pretty entertaining phone calls and solicitors sometimes- gives me something to tell the hubs about when I get home :) For example, today some woman called looking for an adult high school and I told her that's not us, and she asked if I had the number for this adult high school- uhm, no... so she asks if we get calls for the adult high school a lot- no, we don't. Then she asks if I have any other number to reach the adult high school at... I'm beginning to understand why she needs this number so bad- I, as politely as I can at this point, say that we are not affiliated in any way with an adult high school and I have never heard of it. So she says, 'alright then I guess there's something wrong with my google.'.... no ma'am something is wrong with your comprehension level.

Welp that's all I've got for now, loving the new job... and now it's time to do something I absolutely do NOT love: working out- and even worse... its the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. ouch.