Friday, August 26, 2011

Hire Me

So I've interviewed for this new job- a real, grown-up, full time job. It's perfect. An opportunity to use both my creativity and business knowledge in one exciting position. I won't hear back about a second interview until Monday, but the longer I wait, the more I transition from glad I at least had a good interview to desperately longing to hear the words, "we'd like to offer you the position." There are so many reasons I want and need this job... Jordan and I are planning on moving next month, and since the rental market is up, we're going to have to increase what we pay in rent- thus we need an increase in income. Also I'm tired of living in Huntington Beach... need to move to Newport!!

Other Reasons I Should Get The Job:
1. I'm perfect for it
2. It's perfect for me
3. It's in a city I want to work in
4. I can learn from it
5. It's an organization I can identify with
6. My waistline can't take another rejection binge
7. I look great in office attire
8. I already spent $300+ on a new job wardrobe
9. Jordan really needs a vacation; vacations cost money
10. I'm awesome
11. I lose weight when I'm busy
12. I need to lose weight
13. I found the perfect bag to be my new "grown up busy woman" bag
14. I'm fairly certain the girl who interviewed me could be my new bff
15. No one could do this job better or look better than me while doing it

**some reasons may be an exaggeration

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Healthy Schmealthy

Recently, Wholefoods opened a new store a cool 5 minutes from my house. I was excited- even though I'd never actually been to one. Also I did my senior business strategy project on Wholefoods... shoot, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned never having been to the store before.. whatever. So anyway, a few months back I started a heavy-duty diet, and so I went to Wholefoods to stock up on all their healthy foods. Since then I've been back, uhm, twice. BUT what I've come to discover is that I don't necessarily have to shop there and eat their food to be healthy- I feel healthy just being in a Wholefoods! Jordan and I popped in there this weekend for a quick bite for dinner and, although I got pizza, I just felt healthier! Jordan has been on my case these past 3 weeks or so to get back on a healthier meal plan- gnocchi in pink sauce apparently doesn't qualify as a health-conscious meal choice. And neither do sourdough bagels with cream cheese. Bollocks. So here's my plan, continue with my gnocchi, bagel, and chocolate milk diet (did I mention my recent obsession with Trader Joe's chocolate milk)- oh Trader Joe's is another store that I figure, "If it's from TJ's, it's gotta be healthy." Anyway, I'll just stay on that diet but spend a lot of time at Wholefoods. Who's with me? I should write a book...