Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have a new love: 
Cucina Alessa in Newport Beach. 

Oh... this place is so delicious! It's authentic and fun and decently priced- and has the BEST Risotto Al Porcini I've ever had! I crave it every week, but can't necessarily get there each week to satisfy that craving. So last night I tried to have my risotto without the trip- I bought the Trader Joe's frozen risotto and made it last night. MISTAKE. As soon as I smelled it out of the microwave I knew I didn't want it. Tasted pretty darn nasty too. I should have known too- but I had high hopes. You know? Most of their frozen stuff is amazing! Like the orange chicken? DElish.

Oh well, I contacted the restaurant and got their recipe! I can't wait to try and make it- but it will have to wait until after the holiday weekend because I am going to Lake Tahoe! Whooo!

SO, if ever you find yourself in Newport and are looking for a place to have a nice, yummy meal check out Cucina Alessa.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

C is for Cookie

Praise the Lord, I've found a recipe for yet another thing I cannot just pick up at the grocery store when I'm craving it... the first was Girl Scout Thin Mints...

Delicious little devils (particularly frozen). I tried to make them once with this recipe and they turned out not so amazing... I also just realized I left out the cornstarch, hmmm... maybe that's why... BUT I have a new recipe from Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes and already bought the necessary fixin's to make them. I'll let you know how it goes. I have ONE real thin mint left over to compare them against.

Now the second, and if you haven't been to New York you may not understand why this is so exciting...
Black And White Cookies...

OHHH I die. There is no way to describe these babies but decadence and sin. I am planning on testing out the recipe I've found for them on Smitten Kitchen. I am hoping they turn out just like the real deal. If not, then well... I'll just have to get my fill when I'm in New York at summers end.

Friday, June 25, 2010

When Bozo Was A Toddler...

I've always had a beef with the pictures from my toddler years... I always have felt like I looked so strange- different from any other toddler I've seen...

Who thinks I looked like freakin' bozo the clown at the ages of 2 and 3?

My sister's all cute and my cousin looks like a normal 2-3 yr old.... then there's me.

Hahaha.... I do not even have words for this one... turtle outfit- scarecrows in the background- my mom made all my costumes- most were executed much better than this one, but wow. How did this happen?

Again, normal, cute sister... and me tufts of hair on the sides of my head and one tuft up top- who did my hair?!?!

Alright this one's pretty cute- even if I was the only toddler in the world who had to wear glasses- and here's the kicker: It was because I was cross-eyed! HAhahaha... yep def a strange little tike.

(interestingly I don't wear glasses now- and haven't since I was 2... and the cross-eyed thing got fixed in case u were wondering)

Recipes I HAVE to try

Okay, I thought had quite the collection of recipes found online, but wow oh wow has The Food Gawker got me beat! There are so many delicious recipes on there that I cannot WAIT to try! Like these Red Velvet Butter Cookies ...... I could die. In only 2 days I've saved at least 25 recipes from this one site! If only I had a ginormous kitchen with acres of cabinet space for every single appliance I could possibly need and all the counter space in the world to spread out and make everything under the sun. Speaking of, I want to try these 'no knead' dutch oven bread recipes but I need a good dutch oven like this Le Creuset one:

Isn't it beautiful?? I'd love it in green.... anywho... I'm constantly compiling recipes to try and putting them in a binder here at home- I don't have a lot of excuses to make most of the recipes I have saved, and certainly not the kitchen to do them justice- but if you find any amazing recipes please send me a link!

Now What?

I was on the right track... the road to success! I went to college, graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, got married to the man of my dreams a short 4 months after graduating, moved into our own apartment in Orange County, set up house, and began my search for a job. I started learning to cook- something that was quite daunting because I always imagined my husband being the cook- unfortunately Jordan can make 2 things: grilled cheese and spaghettios (although I only had one further to my culinary abilities- pancakes). I clean toilets, counters, I dust and vacuum and make the bed and do laundry- I am well on my way to being a truly domestic housewife- which I also never thought would happen, but here I am all domesticated and finding myself in love with the kitchen... although I've only mastered a few dishes- I'm sure with time I'll have nearly a cookbook full of spectacular dishes that everyone begs me to make! I'm doing all the things I never did (cooking and cleaning) and never thought I would be doing, but ironically I love it! 

However, graduation was a year ago. I've still not found a job- even the university who GAVE me my business degree won't hire me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why- I'm smart, professional, well dressed, adequately attractive, easy to talk to, and honestly very good with people. So what's the deal here? I'll tell you what the deal is. Experience. Everyone is out there looking for the same exact job as me, but what they've got is real working experience- while I was planning class events and working on the yearbook at my university all my competitors were in the workplace- getting all experienced and career-driven. pshhhhhh... I tell you what though, I'm gonna find something. It's gonna be something I love and love to go to every day. And they'll be glad they hired me as opposed to someone with experience that they're underpaying- because when the economy picks up, those people will peace out and go looking for something they're not overqualified and underpaid for- I'll still be there.

SO while I look for a job, I cook, shop, hang out with friends, do contract jobs as a graphic designer and video editor, and sing in the shower.