Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is This Thing On?

Time has flown by since I last posted in here. Clearly blogging is not my strong point. I’m hoping that this new season in my life will bring with it epiphanies and insights worthy of blogging more regularly.  What is this new season you ask? I’m… wait for it…. Pregnant!!! (Okay, so since my mom is the only person who reads this blog, it’s more like stating the obvious. But I’ll keep up my delusions that this is some hot blog that people check in on every day hoping to hear what amazing new thoughts have passed through my head.) Pregnancy has certainly opened my eyes to a plethora of topics, and I’m sure being a new mother will bring on many, many, many more. Although, the tricky part there will be getting enough sleep to remember how to turn on a computer.

Let’s start from the beginning: I found out I was pregnant on June 1st. That day we were headed to a wedding in the valley, and since it was one I was none too pleased about trekking all the way out there for, I decided it wouldn’t be a good day to spill the beans to Jordan given how grouchy I was. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, but there are weddings you look forward to and weddings you’re obligated to attend. It certainly didn’t help that a raging headache began at the start of the reception- (prepare for upcoming rant)- Can I just say for the record: You CANNOT have a full-length reception if you are not feeding your guests a meal. Snacks from Costco do not tide us over for four hours. Weddings in which the guests are not thought of are such a faux pas. We’re traveling and bringing you gifts- pay us our due: good eats, cake, and, if we’re lucky, a good show of wedding drama somewhere.

I’m sure by now you’re starting to see the pregnancy seeping through my post. It has not brought with it any sort of grace or patience. And the filter that was hanging by a thread has all but left completely. Sorry if you’re offended, but I’m inclined not to care.

Back to baby… Father’s Day was 2 weeks away and I thought I could hold out and wait to tell Jordan then- how adorable, right?? Well, even before pregnancy, patience has never has been something I was blessed with. The next day I got up early and headed to Target for supplies. I put together my little gift and waited for Jordan to get up. When he came out I asked if he could make sure I spelled his dad’s name right on the Father’s Day card I bought to give to him…….

And then I handed him this:

His reaction: “Does that mean it’s positive? Really???!!”

We skipped church and spent the day celebrating with donuts from the fancy new place on 17th and wandered Balboa Island.

Ah, the bliss of those who have no idea what’s around the corner.

The First Trimester: There was a lot of napping, whining, yelling at Jordan because he “just doesn’t understand!!!”, and turning into a shut in. Also I looked like a hobo 24/7- actually, that hasn’t changed much. I ate way too much Taco Bell and Del Taco, and whined some more about all the things I can’t eat anymore. Seriously, though, how would you cope with cutting out deli meat, sushi, coffee, alcohol, soda, soft cheeses, anything that suddenly smells funny that you once liked, and did I mention alcohol?!

I had morning sickness from about week 7-13. Not barfing, just a general nausea and feeling like absolute crap every day, all day. At this point I was telling everyone how much pregnancy sucks, and that they should NEVER get pregnant!! So I’d say I was coping pretty well.

I freaked myself out by continuing to take my temperature every morning to make sure I was still pregnant/ not about to miscarry, as per my fertility tracking technique indicated. My poor parents, that’s how they found out I was pregnant; I called bawling because my temperature had dropped 2 days in a row and I was SURE I was going to miscarry. My doctor told me to “STOP taking your temperature!” because it’s not going to tell me anything. And that put my mind at ease until my first ultrasound confirmed a healthy heartbeat.

Here’s another side note: Miscarriages, as common as they are, are shockingly taken so lightly by those who haven’t experienced it. It’s something no one talks about, because it is such a delicate topic, but because the truth of what a miscarriage is isn’t taught, people can tend to be incredibly insensitive about them. Although they are common, they are not run of the mill, and certainly not something to be cavalier or nonchalant about. You may be speaking about it to someone who has had one and knows how devastating they are. Miscarriage is the loss a child. In no way is that something to just ask about or mention casually. To anyone. Be sensitive, people! I may never have experienced one, but I know those who have and have seen the heartbreak.

Alright, 2nd rant over.

At this point only my immediate family, inlaws, and 3 friends knew. We were pretty good at keeping the secret- who knew!!? But eventually more and more people were finding out and I gave up on my laziness, got cute-ified and had my dad take a picture of Jordan and I for the announcement:

The Second Trimester: The morning sickness subsided, I was feeling much more positive about life, and after seeing this blob turn into a baby in a matter of weeks, was finally starting to feel excited about my pregnancy. Yes we were trying to get pregnant and really wanted it to happen, but let me tell you, in the midst of the first trimester- it was just not rainbows and daisies. It sucked, and although I wasn’t regretting it by any means, I wasn’t feeling the ooey-gooey butterflies about the bundle of joy that was still a million years away from arriving- or so it seemed.

But the 2nd Tri brought that bundle so much closer. I started compiling baby registries at Pottery Barn, Bel Bambini, Buy Buy Baby, and Babies R Us… so basically, everywhere. What can I say? I’m a shopaholic, and when you’re shopping for things you don’t have to buy for yourself, it’s just so much more fun!!! You can add the things you wouldn’t actually buy for yourself but would totally use if given to you, you can add the $1100 Stokke stroller you’re drooling over even though, unless you’ve invited Donald Trump to your shower, you know you’re not going to get it. Registries are just the best. Planning your nursery and picking everything that will match your “theme”, if you have one, and the perfect coordinating color palate, it’s all so much fun. Few things get me this excited.

Things we have so far:
Orbit Stroller System
Pottery Barn Crib
Adorable Things from the Nordstrom Baby Section (I couldn’t resist buying these)
And a bunch of miscellaneous gifts from friends and family J

Our little one bedroom apartment is sure filling up fast!

The best part about the 2nd tri: Finding out the sex of the baby….

We’re so excited to meet our darling, Heath Wolfgang Smith in February. But until then I have a hell of a lot more to say where pregnancy is concerned. Stay tuned, friends: I’m hormonal, growing out of all my clothes, and ready to unleash onto the internet ALLLLL my little ponderings, obsessions, and maybe a few frustrations.

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